Children’s Dance Classes

Children love to dance and we think that’s great! There is no better way to keep your kids fit, healthy and improve both their coordination and confidence. We have children’s dance classes suitable for all ages from preschool age upwards,  from beginners to advanced. All our dance instructors are qualified, experienced and love working with kids. Our dance studio is a friendly place where your children will feel comfortable, enjoy coming to and are sure to make new friends.  Check out our kids classes below and bring them along!

Children Latin & Ballroom


One of our most popular dance classes. In our kids classes your children will learn…

  • Rumba – Perfect to improve their concentration and posture.
  • Salsa –  Fast paced and lots of fun!
  • Samba –  An energetic, Brazilian dance,  great for getting fit and toning up.
  • Cha Cha – A cheeky Latin Dance, a brilliant way to improve their coordination.
  • Paso Doble – A very distinctive dance based on the Spanish Bullfights.
  • Jive – A lively dance that is lots of fun to learn, also a great workout.
  • Waltz –  A graceful and elegant dance, perfect for improving their posture
  • Quickstep –  A glamorous dance which is both smooth and energetic, good for toning and fun to learn.
  • Tango-  A serious, Ballroom dance originating in South America, very popular and often seen in the movies (including Ice Age 3!)
  • Foxtrot – A slow, gliding dance. Excellent for improving your childs timing and coordination.
  • Viennese Waltz – The classic, original Waltz often featured in old films.

Latin and ballroom dancing is lots of fun,  making it a very popular style of dance for children as well as adults!  In the classes your child will learn steps, routines and footwork relevant to their age and ability. They will need to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Our Latin and Ballroom kids love to get involved in the ISTD competitions and most go on to take the ISTD medal tests too. Medal tests and competitions are a great way to boost your child’s confidence and give them a sense of achievement.

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DCS Mini Movers

A fantastic introduction to dance for the under 6’s. In this class they will learn all the Latin and Ballroom dances from qualified dance teachers. This class is fun and engaging, a great way to keep you little ones entertained whilst improving their memory and confidence. Suitable for boys and girls of any dance ability.

In these kids dance classes your child will learn fun dance routines which will help improve both their stamina, coordination and flexibility. Kids love these three dance styles and most continue it right through to adulthood.

• Disco –   An energetic dance style perfect for burning off their excess energy

• Street – A funky style of dance with lots of attitude. Learn up to date dance routines to the latest chart music.

• Rock ‘n’ Roll – This dance style is a big hit with the kids.  In our classes they will be taught basic dance routines which will, with practice, be developed into more complex steps and lifts!

Our students can study for medals and assist in refining competition routines for solo, couple and group teams. Dance Crazy are keen for students to participate in competition dancing as it helps improve your child’s confidence and sense of achievement.  These lessons are suitable for all ages (3+) and abilities.

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We are always adding to our classes, if there is something else you would like to see available at our studio get in touch and let us know.

What about the Parents! We have a wide range of adults dance classes – click here to see dance class styles and descriptions.

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